The Building of a Civilization of Love

The third area of commitment that comes with love is that of daily life with its multiple relationships. I am particularly referring to family, studies, work and free time. Dear young friends, cultivate your talents, not only to obtain a social position, but also to help others to “grow”. Develop your capacities, not only in order to become more “competitive” and “productive”, but to be “witnesses of charity”. In addition to your professional training, also make an effort to acquire religious knowledge that will help you to carry out your mission in a responsible way. In particular, I invite you to carefully study the social doctrine of the Church so that its principles may inspire and guide your action in the world. May the Holy Spirit make you creative in charity, persevering in your commitments, and brave in your initiatives, so that you will be able to offer your contribution to the building up of the “civilisation of love”. The horizon of love is truly boundless: it is the whole world!

- Pope Benedict XVI, WYD 2007 MESSAGE, Growing in love each day

3:12. Not as though I had already attained, or were already perfect: but I follow after, if I may by any means apprehend, wherein I am also apprehended by Christ Jesus.
3:13. Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended. But one thing I do: Forgetting the things that are behind and stretching forth myself to those that are before,
3:14. I press towards the mark, to the prize of the supernal vocation of God in Christ Jesus.

-St. Paul to Philippians

Sunday, March 22, 2015

God and me.

Here am I again,
to say something about God,
who seems so far away from me
Yet, how can that be?

How can God be far away?
Far away where?
Far away when?
Isn't the One, who is Being, everywhere?
Isn't the One, who is Being,  everywhen?
Isn't the One, who is Being, ever Present?

So I am the one who is far away.
I am the one who lost track of The ever Present!
I wonder in the past and the future.
I wonder away from the great present.
I waste my time in what I was or what imagine I will be.
I force my present into the past or the future.
Amazing violence!
I stretch my heart and twist my mind.
I damage my senses and so loose contact.

I damage the being that I am, the great gift I received from the One who IS.
For once I was not but now I am.
And when I was something else I became the human I am aware of.
A damaged being but still a being.
How else did I enter the domain of Being? For I came to be!
How else did I enter the domain of the I AM? For I am too!

But I am damaged and weak.
My damaged senses do not sense God with their full capacity.
These are damages from my poor choices and the actions of others.

Why did God allow that?
Is anything beyond the capacity of the Almighty?
Why give freedom which can easily be  abused?
Yet, doesn't no_freedom means forcing?
Yet again, can there be forcing where there is no need of anything?

Can God need anything?
Then, why create?
Why create and offer freedom?
Giving without expecting a return?

What about all the suffering?
Is there anything God can't handle?
Any good the Almighty cannot achieve?